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IN CONVERSATION WITH…ELENA SANDOR #GETCOSY – Little Mistress Interview, November 2015

November 27, 2015

This week we are in conversation with blogger babe Elena Sandor of Eat.Wear.Travel, this stylish beauty is on hand with all of the tips you’ll need this winter season on how to #getcosy and stay right on trend! From winter style staples to the perfect cosy night in, we get Elena’s take on winter styling that will have you all fashionably wrapped up!

What winter beauty product can you not live without?

I can’t live without my facial argan oil; it soothes, nourishes, plumps and gives an entire radiant glow to my complexion. I use it before going to bed in my night routine, but I also add one drop when applying my foundation in the morning. A really dull face never impressed anyone!

How do you #getcosy during the winter season?

Wearing fluffy jumpers, long cardigans and drinking lots of tea will definitely take me through this winter.

What are you asking Santa for this year?

I really want to go on a holiday in Thailand this winter, but Santa has already spent his budget on a new lens and video equipment, so I am sure he would at least get me some candy. I’ve been really good!

How would you describe your perfect Christmas?

I’ve never been to Vienna, and always dreamt of spending my Christmas with my loved ones in their central market, listening to beautiful carols, drinking mulled wine and eating gingerbread. After this, going to Parndorf for a quick shopping session is definitely on my list;)

Who is your winter style crush?

Miroslava Duma really knows how to pull off a winter ensemble, probably because in Rusia, to stay stylish, you have to get creative during all those cold months.

What’s your soundtrack to winter?

There is a lot going on on my Spotify, but mostly Christmas songs this period. I am a true traditionalist when it comes to winter holidays.

What would your perfect cosy night in involve?

A remote cottage in the mountains,  fireplace, cosy socks and a tartan blanket, cinnamon tea and cookies, watching It’s a Wonderful Life. Nothing beats simple things.