Things to do in London: The Regent Street adventure

November 9, 2015

I’ve been living in London for the past 5 years, and at first I was a bit depressed leaving my family and friends, for an unknown world and a much different culture than I was used to. Little did I know that I wouldn’t want to leave this metropolis, a pot of creative thinking, imagination and wonders. If you, like me, love to be surprised and swept away by new places and people, London is definitely the perfect destination when it comes to history, fashion, art, cuisine, and technology. But what happens when you’ve visited everything in your guide book, leaving behind the astonishing British landmarks such as Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Natural History Museum, and many more? You feel like you deserve some pampering and a healthy dollop of fun. Thus, if you’re after a wonderful experience of shopping, taste and excitement, reserve an entire day for Regent Street.

Well, scratch that: you need an entire week, just to discover all the hidden beauties that one of the world’s known addresses has to offer. Regent Street might seem overcrowded and commercial, but why do you think it gets so much love from tourists and locals alike? It has everything for everyone: luxurious shoppers or bargain hunters, exclusive restaurants and healthy delis, the street speaks your language, no matter where you’re from. I’ve had a chance to enjoy my time on Regent Street with my babe Whitney (because you need to share all the fun with your #bff) and now you get to be a part of the entire experience. I guaranty you’ll want to leave your Pjs and get that regale treatment you deserve.  HSK Ground Floor 2 copyStart your journey with a quick lunch or a delicious coffee at Heddon Street Kitchen. It’s not just a stylish blend of vintage and modern, it is also Gordon Ramsay’s sleek European brasserie featuring eclectic, all-day menus and an airy, modern space. The staff is friendly, and the menu offers a good variety for all tastes. I was mostly drawn by the decor, with an urban touch over a swipe of mustard banquettes, simple but elegant. I have to go back and try the food, but the coffee was delicious and the presentation attractive.

Next, move on to the shopping experience, but don’t get lost in the mesmerizing offers, magical windows and irresistible price tags. You might as well spend your entire day in the good selection of shops on Regent Street, but I am recommending you start with Anthropologie, because, well, it is one of my favourite in London, and I bet you’ll love it too. It is a one-of-a-kind destination for those seeking a curated mix of clothing, accessories, gifts and home décor to reflect their personal style and fuel their lives’ passions. Taking inspiration from the worlds of fashion, art and entertaining, you will find signature products and unmatched service. Time stops in Anthropologie, moving between vintage and global, so make sure to save up, because Regent Street is full of alluring shops, like & Other Stories, All Saints, Cos, Ted Baker, and so many others. dryby london

Photo by Iona Macleod

What is a pampering day without hair and makeup? Regent Street has you covered, and for only £28, you can have a blow dry in less than 45 minutes at DryBy London. The team is so lovely, I’ve had a wonderful time and chat with the girls, and my locks couldn’t have looked better. The home-like space for smart, busy women is a haven in the midst of one of the must buzzing places in London. So, if your hair looks terrible (and with London’s weather is a curse we all have to live with), DryBy London is what you needed.

Hair done, now it’s time for a really luxurious experience, and Burberry is definitely a synonym to that.  Opening a beauty hall right in their Flagship store on Regent Street, Burberry Beauty is a beautiful space where you can test the cosmetics and also have your makeup done by (really fun) experts. The products are just as expected, flawless and worthy of all the praise. After a quick touch up with the south-after luminous pen, we’ve visited the famous and recently opened Thomas’s Cafe in Burberry Regent Street. A beautiful, cosy gem to relax after a shopping spree. We didn’t have time to taste the menu, but it is on my to-do list this month.Sketch londonOur plans included enjoying a wonderful evening at one of the most famous bars in London, Sketch. If you’re in London for just a few hours, then don’t miss this eclectic place! I’ve had a memorable night here, cocktails testing in a sprawling Georgian town house, in four of the different venues overload with artwork, extraordinary talent and jaw-dropping decors. After 13 years of making the rules in this business, I can honestly say Sketch really deserves all the hype and more. The Gallery is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, and if you thought too much pink is over the top, well, take a look at the picture above, and say that again, if you can. With scalloped, pink velvet booths, metallic pink woodwork, Shrigley’s drawings  on the wall, you’ve just entered a 60s fantasy. And if you’re like me, you will think it looks fabulous!

The bar has something for every taste, so if you’re more into enchanted fairy-tales, then The Glade would become your favourite place. The magic surrounding this woodland bar, provides an ideal setting for afternoon tea, comfort food and evening cocktails. In this forest, delicate 50s rattan furniture, from the South of France, creates a startlingly modern fairy-tale romance. I know some of my readers are ultra modern, so Sketch has created the East Bar and Lounge, which is intimate, stylish and avant-garde. Not one to write about toilets, but the alien’s egg loos at Sketch are something you need to experience, so bizarre but fascinating!waygu beef, red wine teriyaki, onion miso, rice nest, herbs copy

We’ve finished our night with an amazing dinner at Aqua Kyoto, one of London’s most exciting dining destinations serving Japanese cuisine at its finest. Head Chef Paul Greening presents innovative and contemporary Japanese cuisine. Paul’s extensive menu of beautifully-presented sushi and sashimi and creative hot dishes combines superb produce with a contemporary technique. A central sushi bar and open sumibiyaki charcoal grill combine with sleek black and red décor to create a sense of theatre in keeping with Aqua Kyoto’s location in the heart of the West End. The spectacular roof terrace looking down over Regent Street provides stunning views across the capital, the perfect setting for a pre or post dinner cocktail. I will be writing all about my foodie experience at Aqua this month, so stay tuned for more information about one of the best Asian cuisine in London.

Let me know what is your most memorable experience on Regent Street and if not, why not make new ones? This destination has so much to offer, and what I have lived is just a glimpse of how your day might look like. I had one of the best times in my life, simply by getting to meet new people, new places, and new visions.Regent Street Curve