A day out to Cotswolds with Ribena: Doodle your World

August 2, 2017

There is nothing better than planning a holiday and actually enjoying your days of relaxation. But adding the fun element takes your holiday to a totally different level. Last weekend we packed a bag or two (ok, ten) for a trip to Cotswolds, one of the most beautiful regions in England. The majestic honey-coloured towns and villages of the Cotswolds look as if they have strayed into the 21st century from another era. We had a fantastic time discovering rich seams of contemporary living, from pubs to lively galleries, museums, and festivals, adding to the charm and dynamism of the area.

Still, Cotswolds is a natural beauty, with thousands of miles of dry stone walls, farmland and lavishly walking trails. This is where we spent our time, surrounded by decades of history, absorbing heritage from the local valleys. This is where we had fun doodling with Ribena too. Ribena has been producing the delicious and unmistakably juicy drink for over 75 years, and it’s been our family favourite for so long now. I am a fan of berries and fruity juices, so Ribena definitely ticks all the right boxes in terms of flavour and taste. To make the world more #Ribenary, the brand has launched the Ribena Doodle Your World app – an augmented reality app that allows users to animate videos and photos of the world with the playful Ribenary characters. We’ve had so much fun creating amusing and instantly sharable content, adding colour to my social feed.

We were staying at the wonderful Lower Mill Estate, overlooking the lakes. This is where Scardey Pipe is always on the lookout for the notorious ‘Bena. What he lacks in courage, he makes up for with vision. You don’t want to scare him, so we better let Scardey Pipe enjoy the view for a short while.

I was quite scared when the Pineapple Geyser suddenly decided to attack us with delicious juice erupting in our glasses, while we were taking a short break on the balcony. I must admit, neither I or my sister-in-law minded the pineapple joke, as the juice turned out to be so refreshing!

Scardey Pip’s friend, Timbuktoucan had better luck finding a bottle of Ribena, hidden in the wild vegetation near the lakes. He’s come a long way from Mali and he’s left his cash behind. In a bid to get his berry fix, he’s stirring up Cotswolds hills with his bottle skills. It’s flippin’ cool!

On our morning walk in the great outdoors of the estate, we were able to ramble through secret woodlands and meadows which are rich in rare wildlife (including a protected colony of beavers) as well as enjoying more energetic days canoeing and swimming in one of Lower Mill’s eight lakes and two rivers. It’s where we met Woah Loris waiting for us with his trick shots. There’s a world of adventure waiting to be discovered with Ribena Doodle your World app!

After a pleasant morning in the beautiful natural surrounding, we decided to visit the famous Lavender field in Cotswolds, where Fernando the flamingo cruised over the beautiful place, head bobbing to his music (which is almost always Tupac or Tom Jones). He tried to keep a low profile without interrupting my photo shoot, but when you see his bright feathers, all lenses are on him.

On our way home, we stopped for a quick bite. We had quite an interesting guest over, Rabbi-G, who’s into climbing a lot. Do we know where is he trying to go? No one does, but scholars maintain he’s been trying to reach gangster paradise for centuries.  My family tried to help him out, but Rabbi-G doesn’t have an extraordinary dexterity, although I do appreciate his consistency.

There you have it, a short break in the beautiful Cotswolds with fun friends we made along the road. The world is much more beautiful when it is compulsory for bunnies to wear moustaches and toucans to make bottle tricks. Make the world more Ribenary!

There is a competition on my Instagram page running for a week where UK residents only can share their Ribena doodles by tagging me and using #Ribenary. Check terms & conditions here.

*This post has been supported by Ribena® but all thoughts and doodles are my own.