7 travel essentials when going to Spain: #aWorldOfDifference

March 4, 2016

Last week was terribly busy for my family, as we packed lots of suitcases and embarked on a road trip all the way to Spain. I don’t know about you, but when future plans include any sort of trips, I panic and start making mental lists with travel essentials. I end up carrying half too many items anyway, so this time, I played the smart card: no more two things alike. OK, but what do we pack? After all, we can’t buy everything from our destination. Although one of the things specialists recommend is to purchase basics (such as toothpaste, shampoo, sunscreen) from around the area we are visiting, we still need to bring something along. On this matter, I teamed up with EasyFundraising to demonstrate the power of shopping online and how it can benefit your needs, and also help others at the same time. The nationwide free service has over 2,700 registered retailers, including John Lewis, ASOS, Amazon, Ebay, Apple, Argos, and many others. Their main focus is to provide to over 55,000 charities the opportunity to raise free donations when their supporters shop online. Raising over £11 million for charities in the UK, I can’t believe I was doing my online shopping wrong this entire time.

How does it work?

I needed to check some things off my travel list, so this was the best opportunity to test EasyFundraising. First, you search for a charity you want to support, and I picked Cancer Research UK, because this disease has taken some of my dear ones, and it needs to be eradicated once and for all. From there, all you need to do is sign up and get the donation reminder, so you won’t forget to shop each time via easyfundraising. Every time you go online on any of the participant retailers, a small notification will pop up, asking to activate the donation. This will ensure that if you make a purchase, your good cause will receive a donation.stan smith adidas, white

My 7 travel essentials

Now that we can do some smart shopping, let’s see what I took with me on my trip to Spain:

1. First aid kit

You can never leave abroad without a first aid kit. I got mine from Boots, and it contains essentials to help treat common travel injuries such as blisters and to provide relief to skin affected by insects. Make sure you include some Paracetamol and Rennie for those night out parties.

2. Camera

I’ve got my trusted Nikon D750 everywhere I go, especially when capturing beautiful sceneries, such as Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and Casa Batllo in Barcelona. You can get yours from John Lewis, especially knowing that a part of the fee will go towards your good cause.

3. Trainers

Forget about high heels. Pack a good pair of trainers, such as the Adidas Originals I got from Asos. They will become your best friend after days of walking around the city, without any blisters or swollen feet. True, you might need to cool off afterwards, so make sure your hotel room has a nice shower.

4. Passport

You won’t get very far without a passport. Trust me, I’ve tried. Make sure it has more than 6 months before it expires, because some countries won’t let you in otherwise. Why not invest in a passport case? The one I found on Etsy, another EasyFundraising retailer, can be easily customised and it is made out of a fine, soft eco leather. It brings inspiration and made me want to plan my next trip, just to be able to show it off!

5. European plug adaptor

Travelling from UK anywhere in the world, means packing some plug adapters in your suitcase. I found a great deal on Argos, suitable for use in Europe and Mediterranean countries, these plugs come in a pack of three, just perfect for charging your phone, using the hairdryer and uploading the latest pictures from Spain on your laptop, at the same time.

6. CC cream

Women will understand the struggle with makeup while travelling. Being constantly on the move, gives you little time to take care of your looks in the morning. This is why I am recommending the L’Occitane CC perfecting cream SPF 20, great on replacing hydrating cream, SPF, and foundation at the same time. Looking even, fresh and luminous will give you the necessary boost to start your holiday properly. Plus, in Spain everyone is glowing, so you might as well use all the right tools!

7. Travel pillow

A travel pillow might become heaven on earth, especially when travelling by car for more than 10 hours. The one I found on Amazon through EasyFundraising, is really affordable, it has memory foam and detachable cover. Park Guell, Barcelona

Travel with Easy Fundraising

EasyFundraising is running a campaign focused on travel, where you can book holidays, flights, ferries or accommodation wherever you want, from Cornwall to Cape Verde, and help your cause travel around the world. Each destination you reach, you’ll get a bonus donation, all the way up to 20% when you reach New York. So why not use  to its full potential, next time you are planning your holiday? You can be part of #aWorldOfDifference next time you shop online.