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Jing Tea breakfast at German Gymnasium, London

May 5, 2016

I am not a coffee person. Which means tea is my power fuel in the morning, or any time of the day, actually. When I first met JING Tea, I was mesmerized by the aroma, energy and mystery behind their delicious teas, and I was hooked immediately. What I love about the brand is that it understands the art behind making a proper tea, and the lengths it goes through to implement the sense of respect and the modern tea ceremony as an experience that inspires the body and mind. Launched in 2004, JING is enjoyed by customers in 75 countries around the world, and in exceptional restaurants and luxury hotels. The range of loose teas and whole leaf teabags includes authentic examples of Asia’s greatest teas, from China, Taiwan, Japan, India and Sri Lanka. Jing Tea German GymnasiumI had the great pleasure of enjoying a morning breakfast at German Gymnasium. Built in 1865, the restaurant is located in a grand and elegant space with a floor to ceiling height of over 17 meters. The building used to be destined solely for London German’s community, but it ceased to be used as a gymnasium some time pre-war and was then used as offices, arts and exhibition centre, until November 2015, when it became a drinking and dining destination, right outside King’s Cross St. Pancras station. I absolutely loved the restaurant, breathtaking, beautiful and intimate at the same time. It has one of King’s Cross’ largest al fresco terraces, a patisserie counter, an all-day Grand Cafe serving breakfast through to dinner, and restaurant and the Meister Bar. Talk about spending your entire day here!13062685_10156832559670721_330093034_oFor a limited time only, the Mittel-European restaurant is serving an exclusive breakfast pairing menu in collaboration with luxury tea JING. We’ve started our day with a selection of Asia’s finest teas, experiencing our own tea ceremony. To accompany the teaware is a glass sand timer so we can watch the tea leaves as they unfurl and infuse, whilst enjoying 3 minutes of calm focus – the perfect brewing time. JING means essence in Chinese, and it is literally the best tea I’ve ever had in my life, hands down. The aroma, velvetines, and quality transcend in a simple pot and take you places.

German-born Executive Chef, Bjoern Wassmuth, has created a bespoke menu to accompany the teas, including: Chia pots with coconuts and almond milk, vanilla pomegranate and lemon balm, to pair with JING’s zesty Lemon Verbena herbal infusion; the classic Eggs Benedict with black forest ham served with JING’s perennial favourite Assam Breakfast and the Mittel-European inspired Leberkaes semmel – Bavarian meat loaf, with rosti, sauerkraut and cheddar cheese, to accompany JING’s Jade Sword Green Tea. If you prefer a sweet treat to kick start your day, you will definitely enjoy the Lemon and Raspberry Muffin paired with the Antioxidant Matcha Smoothie. This fine bright green powder is ground directly from tencha base leaves and packed full of antioxidants – the ultimate tea to get your day off to a flying start.  13073171_10156832559060721_1398859492_ojing tea breakfast german gymnasium 13090823_10156832557940721_2100288049_oI must admit I absolutely enjoyed my morning in the ground floor Grand Cafe, with all the natural light from the Victorian archways, the perfect setting for both leisurely weekend brunches and quick healthy breakfasts. The tea and breakfast pairing menu will run until May 31st and I encourage you to try something different, you would love it. You can also order the JING teas and pots with 15% off your first order using the code TEAEXPLORER. Let the healthy living begin! 13078340_10156832558740721_1527589985_o


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    Alta Schnabel

    June 7, 2016
    Very cool event! Look perfect.