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Grace Couture Cakes – a story about passion and determination

May 18, 2016

The beginning of last month found me tasting the most amazing cakes in Romania. Actually, if I come to think about it, I have rarely found better ones in my trips across the world. This is the story of Grace Couture Cakes, a small business started in Bucharest, Romania, and now one of the most trendy and talked about places to indulge your sweet tooth and order the most beautiful and delicious cakes in the country. I met Alina, the owner, at the atelier, and you would expect some attitude, since you own one of the most requested cake shops in town. Instead, I found a genuine, warm and professional business woman, who absolutely believes in her dream and makes you fall in love with it too. Grace Couture CakesThe story started while organizing her wedding. Alina found people in this industry were all the time happy, positive and energetic. I am not sure who were her suppliers, but when I organized my wedding, not everyone I worked with made me dream about my big day. Nonetheless, she wanted to bring sparkle in people’s lifetime events, and the idea of having a cake shop flourished. After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Alina and her husband created Grace Couture Cakes, thanks to an efficient brainstorming, a well put together business plan and the vision of a pastry chef. The idea behind their business was not just another cake shop, but a customized concept of a cake boutique, where brides could have a permanent consultant to assist them in choosing the right filling, taste, shape, and being on a constant connection with any change and need. And we all know brides change their minds all the time. Also, the atelier offers a candy bar with amazingly delicious and beautiful options of cake pops, macarons, small cakes, eclairs, tarts, and so on. Grace Couture CakesGrace Couture CakesNow the business has expanded with over 10 employees catering to weddings, parties and corporate events. What I absolutely loved about the Couture Atelier was that the cakes were not just breathtaking, they were also tasting heavenly. Alina was so sweet to surprise me with a range of their latest mouse cakes, which were so beautiful, I didn’t really want to touch them. But they were mouthwatering, so I had to taste and I am so thankful I did, because I can honestly say they were royal quality. Speaking of royal, Grace Couture Cakes is also the supplier for the Romanian Royal Family. I was really impressed when I read that Princess Lia told her: “Alina, I’ve seen cakes like yours, but I’ve never tasted anything like them. Follow this road you’ve chosen and never give in”. Another thing that really spoke to my heart was the passion I saw while Alina was speaking about her atelier, and the process she takes on choosing recipes with the pastry chefs, researching the work of fellow chefs all over the world, keeping tabs on every release, idea, and concept in the industry. You need determination and passion to become the best at what you do, and Grace Couture Cakes is definitely the best one in Romania. I am not biased, even though I was loaded with sugar after an afternoon spent with Alina. All the celebrities, influencers and key people in Romania choose Grace Couture Cakes because of their professionalism, quality and the wow effect we all need once in a while in our lives. DSC_4646Grace Couture Cakesgrace couture cakesAlina and her husband, together with the creative team draw their inspiration from the French, Italian, Russian, Swiss cuisines, because of the delicacy, finesse and decadency behind them. Grace Couture Cakes is keeping up with the trends and launch something new every two seasons, just to stay relevant, attractive and appreciated by their clients. I can say in all honesty, that I absolutely love this brand, the concept behind it, and the passion for cakes. I mean, who doesn’t love dessert? But a well made one is the dream! If you’re having an event I am totally recommending them, you would not be disappointed. Starting with top communication, and moving on to an exquisite taste, I would throw a party each week. I can’t wait for my baby shower, actually, Alina is in charge of wowing my guests and adding more kilograms to my waistline. Cheers for Grace Couture Cakes!

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    Jessi Malay

    June 7, 2016

    Such gorgeous deserts!

    XO, Jessi