Tropical noodle salad with chicken

September 3, 2015

Spending time in the kitchen makes you understand the importance of quality and the best supplies you can get, to enjoy a pleasant experience. I am constantly looking for great tools, such as mixers, blenders, pans and kitchen gadgets. Preparing meals in a frying pan is one of the nation’s favourite ways to create a meal due to the speed and precision this form of cooking allows. Famous chefs are known for their inventive use of this kitchen staple to create culinary masterpieces; Jamie Oliver is famed for his ability to whip-up a delicious and healthy meal within a matter of minutes. However, without the right tools even the most expert of chefs would no doubt find themselves in a sticky situation – avoiding mess and excessive amounts of oil can pose a challenge.

I have been using the Regis Stone Pan from JML for a few weeks now, almost daily, and I am totally impressed! There has never been a healthier, more nutritious way to cook with my favorite ingredients. Using revolutionary, non-stick technology there is no need for oil or lashings of butter to prepare your eggs and bacon. The pan’s stone coating allows ingredients to slide straight onto your plate and prevent your food from sticking without adding fat.
The Regis Stone Pan is perfect for every type of cooking and preparing high-quality, family meals. It’s suitable for fish, meat or vegetables and will re-awaken your taste buds to make your meals even more enjoyable. You can even cook your vegetable juliennes to perfection or ‘flambé your fish as the frying pan tolerates the highest of temperatures.
Made of the finest quality materials with a stone coating, robust handle and stainless steel base, the Regis Stone Pan from JML will let you rediscover a cooking style that is convenient whilst being healthy and nutritious. The durability of the materials will also ensure no bits will rub or flake off in your food – making it a real kitchen investment. It is also simple to clean, with a quick wipe being all that is needed to remove any residue. This versatile kitchen must-have can be used on all hob types, including induction, and is also oven friendly, so ingredients can be sautéed on the hob and then easily transferred into the oven to create lean results. The JML Regis Stone Pans are priced at just £19.99, available from Asda, Homebase, Robert Dyas, Wilkos, Dunelm, The Original Factor Shop, Debenhams, The Range, Argos, Morrison’s.

For today’s recipe, I chose a beautiful mango chicken salad, perfect for summer, accompanied by Squash’d, a super exciting, concentrated squash with no added sugar, packed in a bottle so small you can carry it with you everywhere. Making 20 great tasting drinks in three delicious flavours: orange & peach, apple & blackcurrant, and summer fruits.