Baby’s ride: Armadillo Flip XT from Mamas & Papas

February 20, 2017

After the emotional roller coaster of finding out we are pregnant, I went online to surf for the perfect stroller. It took me a long research, a few rides to our local Motheracare, until we decided to get the newest pram from Mamas & Papas, Armadillo Flip XT in plum. It was love at first sight. Small, elegant, luxurious looking, this pushchair is super easy to maneuver with all terrain wheels and a seat which can face forward or backward.

But first, a few words about the brand. Mamas & Papas has been around for more than 35 years, starting as a family business. Today, the brand is at the higher-end of the high street, with numerous awards, proud to meet the needs of parents. Inspired by the real life, from experiences of parenting, customer insights and rigorous testing at their UK test lab, Mamas & Papas continues to create innovative products with thoughtful designs. I have an array of baby essentials bought from them, with the help of their amazing personal shopping service. A new life begins when you start a family, so the M&P products will only bring style and confidence to parenting, letting you experience it at its best. mamas papas armadillo flip xt

The Armadillo buggies are probably the most popular in the M&P range. The Flip XT Emma has is named so as the buggy can be folded with seat unit on the chassis and in either parent or world facing mode. It weights 10kg, but it is still lighter than most buggies on the market. The carrycot is really small, but an up to 6 months old baby fits really well. The mattress is comfortable, and the top and cover are really useful to protect the baby from bad weather, sun, or curious looks.mamas papas armadillo flip xt

For two weeks now, we’ve transitioned to the pushchair, since Emma won’t lay flat anymore, she’s discovering the world. What I love the most is that it is multi-positional and I can re-adjust the seat for naps. The chair is quite long, with an upper age weight limit of 15kg, and the buggy can be used close to 4 years. One of my favourite features is the soft cushioning and the luxurious harness padding of the seat. You can clean the covers with a sponge, for both carrycot and pushchair. I really like the mesh air vent and toy loop in the hood among other few things. The seat is fully flat for a nap, sits up straight, or half reclined, depening on your baby’s needs. I also got a footmuff for the winter season. mamas papas armadillo flip xt


Another feature which comes really handy is the folding action. Really easy to fold, and after trying it for a few times, you’d be able to do it with one hand, like a pro-mom. It folds forward facing more easily, while the backward facing option requires a bit more adjusting. You need to flip the seat back and seat bottom together before folding the buggy, but that’s an extra step I am willing to make. It folds up small, fitting in any car.

The basket is quite generous, much bigger than most buggies on the market, but the fabric won’t distribute weight evenly. You can easily line the basket with a cardboard, to solve this small issue. The buggy is really stable, and the all terrain wheels sustain a smooth ride. I’ll be taking pictures with the pushchair as well, so make sure to follow my Instagram. In conclusion, I am really fascinated with my choice, Emma sleep every time she is in her buggy, and all eyes turn when we’re in the park, proof it’s a really stylish ride too!

mamas papas armadillo flip xt





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    April 24, 2017

    In curand vom deveni si noi parinti, si a inceput febra cautarii carutului ‘perfect’. Locuind in Suedia, tot ce gasesc e limitat la 3-4 branduri, care sunt printre cele mai grele, greu de manevrat din ce am incercat pana acum si nu in ultimul rand super scumpe… Ideal voi gasi ceva mai usor de manevrat.
    Ma intrebam cum a facut fata carutul ales de tine perioadei de iarna – cum s-a descurcat la mersul pe zapada, daca ai avut ocazia sa testezi 🙂

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      Elena Sandor

      May 3, 2017

      Nu l-am folosit inca pe zapada, in Londra nu ninge, din fericire;)) dar din cate am citit, este facut special pentru teren cu “probleme”, are rotile destul de mari si suspensii foarte bune. Ar trebui sa faci un test ride;)