Tesco Same Day Delivery – On how to prioritise your family life

November 22, 2017

I was commuting in the busy London this week, and while finding myself caught in the rush hour on Central Line, I saw this family of tourists, fighting with the crowd for more room in the tube, while having this satisfied grin on their faces. They were finally landed in London, ready to start a journey, visiting the most important landmarks this city is famous for. I had an epiphany watching them. Here I am, living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, for which many tourists would give anything to visit or even settle here, and I am not even realising it enough. I just go on with my days, complaining mostly of the weather, the crowds, the long lines at the coffee shops, the traffic, and I loose sight of what’s important. So I went home deciding to do something about prioritising and enjoying more of what London has to offer.

Easily said then done. With a family to raise, a blog to run and shopping to do, I have my time scheduled with no spare minutes. Speaking about shopping, buying food in our household is something we take seriously, and Tesco has been the store we always find everything we need. But all the travel to the store, browsing the aisles packed with goodies, the long queues at the till (although we’ve discovered the scan and shop service which takes less time) amount for a longer time spent not doing what could build our family memories. It’s like Tesco read my mind, because they have one of the best services of Same Day Delivery, newly expanded. By bringing the shops to us, it takes the stress out of the weekly food shop and allowing more time in the day for everything else.¬†Since no two days are alike in our lives and with an unpredictable work schedule it is really difficult to plan everyday tasks and I am sure a lot of you can relate to this story. Because I have this new mission to fill my days with trips, adventures, reading more, discovering new places in London and outside Essex where we live, the Tesco Same Day Delivery is a Godsend to be honest. So how do you start? Well, you go onto their website and make sure to order before 1 pm for delivery after 7 pm. Book a slot, then sit back and relax, as the shopping will be with you soon. I am planning on cooking some quiche this week, an eggplant salad and a Shepard’s pie, so the groceries are perfectly delivered on time. All this shopping talk made me hungry, so I took my family out in Camden Town where they have this amazing street food market. The moment you step out of the tube station, Camden is an oasis of contradictions, styles and senses. There is entertainment on the streets, tourists taking photos, and a scent of street food that make the entire atmosphere unique. Camden is one of the most famous cultural melting posts of the capital and definitely needs a visit once in a while. Anyone is welcome, and you feel this from the moment you step into town. There is a strong sense of community and the more quirky you are, the more appreciated are your skills. The food here is amazing, and there are so many options to choose from. Since my groceries are being sorted by Tesco, why not steal some recipes from the vendors in the Camden Market? I saw some prawns and cauliflower pitta bread that looked delicious!

With time to spear, I head to Covent Garden, another one of London’s landmarks. I seem to visit this place often for the feel of the ancient and modern, the exclusive and the charming. The market has everything you need, just like Camden, but it is more refined in terms of shopping stores, restaurants, and entertainment. The world class destination attracts foodies and fashionistas alike, and I see myself as both, but there is something for the entire family too. The cultural destination is stunning no matter the season or holiday. This weekend couldn’t have started better! I love spending time in the market, browsing the stalls, you get that treasure hunt feel when discovering beautiful items. I am so thankful to Tesco for allowing me to spend an entire day with my family, discovering the city I live in, without the stress of grocery shopping. The Tesco Same Day Delivery¬†service is dedicated to everyone who struggles with maintaining a balance in their family. Now I have more time to make those memories with my family, and still having food on our table at any hour. The convenience of the service is great, fitting our hectic lifestyle, and still teaching our children that some things are worth prioritised. Now where to go next? *Post in collaboration with Tesco. All opinions are my own.