Lenovo Tab 4 – the family focused tablet

September 11, 2017

We’ve recently been on the road a lot, a sign that summer is full on with all its perks: fun time, sunny holidays, bonding with family and getting to visit new places. This surely drives a lot of content for social media, because we live in a digital age where it didn’t happen if it wasn’t posted on Instagram. Even my 1 year old knows how to smile for a pretty picture. Talking about kids and road trips, hands down I didn’t understand the meaning of parenting until Emma was old enough to be fussy in her car seat. She feels absolutely trapped in the car whenever we decide to check another place off our bucket list, and her attitude doesn’t go away quietly. I have done pretty much everything I could think of: play games, make silly faces, sing until I finish all the songs I know, invent stories, feed her snacks, just to realize only 10 minutes have passed. You could actually feel the anxiety in my text, can’t you? Add to all of the above a busy mom who’s career rely on replying fast to her emails, but who also loves to unwind binge-watching Netflix, especially on long journeys. Add a dad in the mix who has to check live scores so often as his life depends on it, and you’ve got yourself a pretty classic family in need of a solution. After some research, we found it in the form of the new release from Lenovo Tab 4 series, a tablet focused on the family. The affordable Android Nougat tablet is designed with kids and parents in mind. Yes, you can read that again. The series includes basic 8-inch and 10-inch models, both available in Plus configuration with improved components.   The design is sleek, modern, looking much more expensive than the tablet actually is, a bonus point for all families who have set budgets for entertainment. Actually, I am seeing Lenovo Tab 4 as more of a necessity, especially for demanding children and active parents alike. The premium design has glass fronts and backs and it’s really light and thin. You would still like to invest in a kids bump case for younger children, just for safety. Even though the tablet was designed primarily for kids, the Tab 4 is really good-looking, perfect for grownups as well. With the UBS-C connectivity, dual speakers with Dolby support, a microSD slot and a large battery, Lenovo Tab 4 is surprisingly performant too. We were testing the tablet on our road trip to Cotswolds a couple of weeks ago, and setting up our profiles was pretty straightforward. The tablet is stocked with adequate specs to load most apps and games, all divided from kids to grownups. Emma is definitely too young to actually be on the tablet, but we have set up her account anyway, because she loves listening to songs and there are many games with animal sounds she could learn better than any of us could imitate. The tablet has access to many educational games as well as cartoons, all welcomed in a few years, when she’ll be able to understand better the digital world she lives in. Still, she is really curious, so she had a short encounter with Lenovo Tab 4 while daddy was setting up her account, feeling all excited about her present. Little did she know her dad was looking forward to using the tablet more than any of us.  Lenovo Tab 4 has found a gap in the market, serving a purpose to all active and creative families who need to be connected to the digital world, to unwind, to learn, all under one roof. The elegance of the tablet, as well as the efficiency and low price point have made Lenovo to stick out from the crowd. Hope you will have as much fun browsing and discovering a new way to do things different for the better, as we do.

The Lenovo Tab 4 Series can be bought on, John Lewis and Argos starting from £129.99.

*Sponsored by Lenovo. All opinions are my own.